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SY Seeadler Sail with the 'Seeadler' the San Blas Islands, between Porto Bello and Colombia, come and relax on Isla Grande, see the Panama Canal and the Gatun Locks in Colon were you can also visit the San Lorenzo fort on the Rio Chagres. The Sanblas islands are one of the last natural island paradises on the world, still the same like a couple of hundred years ago. The Kuna Indios have a very strong community and like to protect the important points of there culture. Sailing with Seeadler in and around Panama is the most comfortable way to explore the San Blas islands and the Coast of Panama with all its nearby islands. Set sail and welcome aboard Seeadler for an unforgettable time in Panama the newly discovered pearl of Central America Dolphin with all its historical sites and the biggest wildlife of animals and plants preserved in more National Parks than in any other country on earth.
The Caribbean Coast and Kuna Yala as a high light was discovered from Puerto Lindo where the cruising starts from our Hostel Wunderbar with Capitan Guido. Along the beautiful beaches with crewed charter to El Porvenir where the first snorkeling takes place and also the Kuna Museum can be visited. We lived with the Kunas for 4 years and have many friends there and that makes the voyage also more special with all the private contacts and our very good knowledge of the area.
You should not miss this experience to make your holiday the best ever and a unforgettable time.