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The Crew

Crew The Crew is made up of Silvia, 42 years young, from Austria who is preparing the excellent food and Guido, the skipper from Bavaria, who makes the tour planing, always trying to include the plans of his guest aswell. The boatdog Charlie, an irish boarder collie has also a job: to be lovely and at night he keeps the ankerwatch. We are on Seeadler since 92 and crossed the Baltic Sea, the North Sea, the English Canal and the Biscaya down to Portugal. From there we sailed to Madeira, Canary Islands, Cabo Verde and crossed the Atlantic and the Aequator on the way to Brasil, from Argentina we went north again into the Caribbean Sea where we were ten years and "home" since five years in San Blas,Panama and Colombia. During the last four years we had more than 600 guest on board and nearly all of them were satisfied with our sailing trips and had a good time on board. For more than three years we lived with the Kuna Indians in San Blas.in that time we got to know them really well and have gained the acknowledgement of this lot.