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Crusing Area

Sunset at San Blas Islands The San Blas Islands are located on the northern coast of Panama and the wonderful islands are inhabited and ruled by the Kuna indians. Thanks to this self government they could maintain their culture and customs: the women doing their Molas, beautiful needlework, and the men going out to fish in their little cajucos, handmade dugout canoes.
Tucans The only way to explore and discover the beauty of these 360 palm tree covered islands is by sailing boat. The crystal clear waters around the islands invite you to snorkel on the colourful reefs and explore the underwater world of that paradise. Another possibility to see the animal and plant world of Panama is a river tour up Rio Diabolo where you can swim in fresh water and find some of the most amazing flowers.
Most of the islands are protected by a very long barrier reef,inside this reef you have a nice wind for sailing but no waves, so normally nobody gets seasick. There is also the possibility to visit Kuna villages on this trip.
If you want to see and experience the maybe last bit of unspoilt Caribbean - come on our 'Seeadler'!

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